Launch of Euro Ultra-Short Maturity Corporate Bond ESG ETF

Tuesday 30 March 2021

Product, Press Release


London, 30 March 2021 - Amundi, Europe’s largest asset manager1 and a pioneer in Responsible Investing, today announces the expansion of its ESG ETF range, with the launch of an additional fixed income fund, the “Amundi Euro Corp 0-1Y ESG - UCITS ETF DR”. Listed on Xetra, the ETF is offered to investors with a competitive ongoing charge (OGC) of 0.08%2.

Amundi has a long heritage over 40 years of bond investing and more than € 790 billion3 in fixed income assets under management. Combining this expertise with an undisputable leadership in responsible investing, Amundi is ideally positioned to accompany investors in their ESG transition, providing them with a robust range of sustainable fixed income investment solutions.
The Amundi Euro Corp 0-1Y ESG - UCITS ETF DR :

  • Provides exposure to investment grade, euro-denominated bonds with an ultra-short maturity of between 1 month and 1 year along with strict ESG screening.
  • Applies exclusion filters on companies involved in controversial activities including adult entertainment, tobacco, weapons and thermal coal4.

With the addition of this new fund, Amundi now offers investors the core fixed income building blocks with a high intensity ESG integration. The range now comprises exposure to Euro Aggregate SRI, Euro Corporate SRI, Euro Corporate SRI 0-3 and US Corporate SRI and ultra-short 0-1Y Euro Corporate ESG indices. All these ETFs are classified under Article 8 of SFDR.

We fundamentally believe that ETFs play an important role in democratising ESG. With this addition to our range we are empowering all investors to cost-effectively integrate ESG in this core fixed income exposure.

Fannie Wurtz, Head of Amundi ETF, Indexing and Smart Beta

Amundi is a recognised European leader in the ETF market and offers over 150 ETFs5 across all main asset classes, geographic regions and a large number of sectors and themes. Amundi is leading the ESG transformation and its ETF, Indexing and Smart Beta platform is known for its wide range of high-quality, cost-effective ESG solutions.    


[1] Source IPE “Top 500 asset managers” published in June 2020 and based on AUM as of end December 2019

[2] OGC: Ongoing charges - annual, all taxes included. The ongoing charges represent the charges taken from the fund over a year. Until the fund has closed its accounts for the first time, the ongoing charges are estimated. Transaction cost and commissions may occur when trading ETFs.

[3] Source: Amundi, as of end December 2020

[4] In addition to adult entertainment, tobacco, weapons and thermal coal companies, exclusion filters are also applied to companies involved in Alcohol, Gambling, Nuclear Power, GMO and oil sands sectors.

[5] Source : Amundi ETF as of end Februray 2021