Amundi supports 100% of Climate Action 100+ shareholder proposals


Amundi supports of climate-related shareholder proposals

This month Ceres, the organisation behind the Climate Action 100+ initiative, published their analysis of climate-related shareholder voting in 2021.

Not only did investors rack up record gains this year in supporting shareholder proposals aimed at getting companies to address climate change. But, just as critically, the market’s largest asset managers were, for the first time ever, the ones driving these gains.

In a year when unprecedented floods, wildfires, and hurricanes across the U.S. led to hundreds of deaths and an estimated $125 billion in damages, it is clear that more investors than ever recognise the enormous financial risks posed by the climate crisis. Ceres analysis of voting on 49 climate proposals found that the historic success of climate-related shareholder proposals during the 2021 proxy season resulted in large part from a dramatic increase in votes for these proposals by the world’s largest asset managers.                   

In the report Amundi is leading the field with 100% voting in favour of climate-related shareholder proposals, following a 36% increase compared to 2020.