ShareAction Voting Matters report 2020

Wednesday 09 December 2020


ShareAction published a new report looking at how 60 of the largest asset managers have used their proxy voting rights on climate change and social issues.

European Asset Managers continue to lead the way in the voting of resolutions.

Amundi is ranked in the Top 10 asset managers in terms of voting performance relative the 102 shareholder resolutions studied in the report. Moreover, Amundi has the strongest voting record of the largest ETF providers in Europe covered in the report.

Amundi is mentioned with overall score of 89% at its votes in favour of the climate and social resolutions analysed in the report*.

In particular, Amundi showed a great performance at the voting of climate change and climate-related lobbying resolutions, with 91% of votes in favor of climate resolutions*. Additionally, Crédit Agricole and Amundi were mentioned as examples of financial institutions presenting a « robust coal phase-out policy ».

Amundi also supported 88% of social resolutions*, bringing forth high scores with 86% of votes in favor of diversity resolutions, 81% on human rights and 100% on pay gaps.

Amundi’s engagement and voting policy is in line with its vision as a Responsible Investor and with the desire to assist companies in making progress towards more sustainable objectives. In addition to supporting environmental and social resolutions, Amundi also vigilant on the level of independence of the boards. We also aim to foster the integration of ESG criteria in management performance indicators.

* “Voting split” statistics are expressed relative to the entire resolution sample of the ShareAction report (102 resolutions)