Walking the walk - Amundi's Laurent Trottier joins panel on sustainable investing

Monday 18 October 2021


Laurent Trottier, Global Head of ETF, Smart Beta and Index Management at Amundi joins AssetTV to address opportunities and challenges in delivering sustainable investment solutions through passive strategies.

As the largest European asset manager, with responsible investing as a founding pillar, Amundi is fully committed to “walking the walk” when it comes to sustainability.
Recently Laurent Trottier, Global Head of ETF, Smart Beta and Index Management discussed exactly this topic as part of a panel discussion hosted by AssetTV.

Titled “Walking the walk – delivering sustainability for clients” the panel discussion saw Laurent Trottier joined by the Head of ESG Investing at Janus Henderson, alongside Co-Head of Responsible Investing at Aon, and Head of Manager Research at Redington.
The panellists took a deep dive into pertinent issues around delivering sustainable solutions for investors, including:

  • Is sustainability standardised across passive strategies, and can passive managers offer choice?
  • What are the possibilities for offering bespoke solutions for investors?
  • If ESG factors can affect the pricing of stocks, what does this mean for indices?
  • Where are the challenges in delivering sustainable solutions for clients?


Watch the full video to hear insights from Laurent Trottier on these topics, and more.

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